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Hello my name is alisha, Im Eighteen and I love willow and Tara

There were so cute when they First Started to date, So cute and its not like they announced it.

Buffy's reaction was The Typical shocked Friend, Willow knew she was Freaked.

 but As her BF, remained Suportive.

Tara life was so sad i wanted to cry. i wanted to punch her father a brother in the Face.

All those lies... The Glory thing was too much. She was meek and Childish, Scared. I'm glad

glory got what she desrved.


For a long time i was so pissed at willow, the Abused of magic. but the bug piture was when she used the weed to Erase Tara's mind.

I didn't blam tara at all for leaving, But i was so happy when she came home.


I Cried when Tara died, it was a mixture of Hate and Sadness. Damn warren!

Also i have A website that i write Tara and willow Stories.

My name is InMyDreamsWillow.


Alisha "The Butch"

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