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willtara_daily's Journal

Willow and Tara, Daily
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This community is specifically for Willow's first Girl-love and their short (wah) time together.
Here you can post quizzes, Willow OR Tara OR Buffy-Related (but keep the random Buffy ones to a minimum, please) or you can post about Communities, but I ask that you make an intro post about yourself and about something Willow/Tara first. No one-liners will be accepted.
Sure, "I Love Will/Tara!!" Is great, but WHY do you love them? Did you cry when Tara passed? We'd love to hear about it.

I guarantee that all those here are lovers of the Willow and Tara goodness.

If you ARE here to make fun of, critisize, Bible-quote-throw, or do anything otherwise dumb..
Leave. Don't make me ban you.
I'm a one-time-offense-for-stupidity person. And I do roleplay Tara. So I know what I'm talking about.

Bi-monthly, there will be icon and Fic tests. One icon test and one fic test per month. We look forward to seeing all W/T fic, so if it's something you've already created, please post it here and do work on another! Here, you can post icons, fic, banners, community promo's, links for W/T sites online, but we would appreciate it if quizzes are left out, unless it is PURELY W/T. Nothing else.
Other'n that, anything else W/T goes.
Have fun and start posting!
~Moderators _cryinginside_ and willow_kat

I do not own Willow, Tara or any of the Buffy characters. They are property of Fox and Joss Whedon and all the respective owners. This is not an RPG. This is just a fandom comm, so please join and have fun!

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